Mrs. Forbes' First Grade Class


Reading Street

Our current Reading Street unit focuses on How People and Animals Are Important To One Another. Four page decodable short stories will be sent home each week to practice fluency and the phonics skill of the week. Keep these small 4 page stories handy and practice reading them often. Repeated Readings (reading the same story over and over) builds fluency which in turn leads to greater comprehension. *** Please try to go onto the Reading Street website to play sight word games and read the story we are reading in class. Please let me know if you are having problems with the Reading Street website.


We learned that "ck" makes one sound at the end of a word like in the word "back". We call it" vowel ck" since there is vowel before the ck. This month students will learn other consonant blends ( 2 consonants that blend together to make their own sound) at the beginning of words; like "flag" and "truck" .

Social Studies

We learned about Fire Safety in October and in November we will learn about Veteran's Day and the history of the First Thanksgiving.


We are still working on living and non living and just completed our Pumpkin Investigation. We learned how to estimate as well as find the actual height, weight, circumference and number of seeds in a pumpkin. We also made predictions as to whether the pumpkin will sink or float. It was fun and I am glad I have a big sink in my classroom!


We learned about "turn around facts" and we are now focusing on place value ; tens and ones with 2 digit numbers.


We are learning four square writing! It is a graphic organizer that assists us when we write. Students are being encouraged to use adjectives, details and variety their writing. Students did a great job writing about the Fall and used lots of details to describe their Halloween costumes.


Look for the Family Turkey Project that will be coming home in 2 weeks. Also, Parent Teacher Conference sign up will be online this year. Look for an important message from Mrs. Bebchick regarding this sign up.