I am not a Murderer!

A Gestapo Officer speaks to his Jewish daughter

Learn about this fascinating man who believed in the ideals of his country but...

had a wife and a daughter who were Jewish. What choices did he have? What choices did he have? What choices did his wife and daughter have?

Tennessee Council for the Social Studies

Friday, March 13th, 9am

939 Ridge Lake Boulevard

Memphis, TN

Learn more about him, learn how he dealt with this dilemma , learn why this was a major conundrum for his superiors , learn what happened to his wife and learn who was involved in the decisions making process - all at the conference. Come to Dr. Gloria McElroy's session entitled, "Inquiring Minds want to know: An Evidence Inquiry Approach to teaching about the Holocaust."

Inquiring Minds want to Know

Dr. Gloria McElroy


Bearden High School

Knoxville, TN