Champwin School of Performing Arts

The Los Angeles Champwin School of Performing Arts

What we see in our students is more than talent, we see wisdom, pride, and faith. we believe that they do the best of the best, and they are very sucessful. they are very passionate about their gifts and their beliefs. our goal is to help our students find out what they are capable of.
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Why Los Angeles?

LA is a great place to be. If you don't like the cold weather and you're looking forward to the warm weather all year round, California is the place. Just imagine, after a long day at school, all you want to do is get some relaxation. Well, you can! Los Angeles has at least 15 different beaches to go to. You can always roam around the city to find great shopping places, and tasty foods.
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Watch this short clip of a quick tour in Los Angeles!

The school mascot: A wolf

Wolfs represent cooperation together like a wolf pack. we are strong, diligent, and it shows that we are cunning.
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School colors

our colors are black and white. black represents power and elegance, while white represents innocence and perfection. they are like the complete opposite, but it shows that we have both traits.

School song

Our school's song is We Are The Champions by Queen. We chose this song because it is about winning and it shows that our students are champions and winners.

Traditions of CWSPA

One of the main traditions that take place at CWSPA is the spring talent show. it happens every spring of every year and students can perform acts of dancing, singing, or acting (a skit)

Charter high school (more information)

we are a charter school because we pick the students who can attend CWSPA. it is not entirely like a private or public school, more like half and half.

The schedule

CWSPA is made up of block scheduling. it has 2 semesters, each semester having 4 classes. Students go to school mon-thurs. fri-sun are weekends.

what we look for when selecting students who will attend CWSPA

When students audition, we look for not just talent in singing, dancing, or acting, but we look for cooperation in how they work with other students, and what they can do at CWSPA.