Commercial Analyzation


Nike: Snow Day

Nike Snow Day

The target market for this ad is people who live in colder areas, and who like the athletes or sports represented in the ad. It can be both girls and boys, from ages 14-30, because the athletes are current, and younger. This is a testimonial, because it uses all sorts of famous athletes.
Countdown ft. Europe: It's What You Do - GEICO

Geico Final Countdown

This ad is for older people who know the band Europe and the Final Countdown like 35 and older. It is a testimonial, because they use the famous band, Europe. This is for people who live anywhere.
McDonald's Minions Drive Thru tv commercial ad ad • advert

Minions McDonalds Commercial

This commercial appeals to the emotions of the kids. The target market are littler kids, who would be excited to see the Minions. They can live anywhere