Animal Farm

Kobe davis


Napoleon seems like a jerk that rules an entire me i don't think he should be a ruler because hes very selfish and makes awful decisions.

" napoleon is always right"- Boxer

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Power Corrupts

napoleon is power corrupted because he uses his power for himself, he has his own guarding dogs for protection. but the other animals doesnt have

Napoleon's New role

As soon as napoleon gets rid of snowball he is automatically new leader and makes every new rule and decision for the farm for now on. At first it seemed like he wouldn't be such a bad leader but as the story continues he gets worse and worse by the day! at one point he actually killed some animals for keeps secrets from him. it has gotten to a point of no return, if you as some animals some might even say his doing a good job?!?
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U.S.S.R. (Animal Farm)

Animal Farm is a symbol Of Russia because the same thing happened on the same place, stalin (Napoleon) got rid of troutski (snowball) and Stalin made a deal with Hitler (Fredrick) but then made a deal with the allies. so Basically Animal based of the Russian Revolution.
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