Drug Use During Pregnancy

Human Growth and Development

Description of drug use and nature and nurture

Drug use can cause severe and long-term birth defects. These effects can be so long-term they affect the physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development of a baby for his or her entire life.

Drugs are a major environmental risk for both the mother and the fetus. This could cause the fetus to be born early and very low birth weight.

Short and long-term effects might you expect to see

Head and facial abnormalities along with heart, brain, and skeletal damage are common symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome or prenatal exposure to alcohol. The fetus is often born early and are low of birth weight. They may also have neurological disorders, respiratory problems, and are slower to gain weight than other babies. Sudden infant death syndrome which is an unexpected death for unknown reasons during the first year of life.

What could the mother do to prevent this happening

The mother could stay away from the father is he smokes or does any kind of drug. She could move out of the house that the mother is living in to prevent getting addicted to the drugs. Or she could just not do any drugs like a good person.

Its not a good thing to do!


The only major treatment that I found was to stay away from friends and family that do drugs and drink alcohol.

Don't do drugs while being pregnant!


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