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Why not Explain Everything?!

Explain Everything is an easy-to-use design, screencasting, and interactive whiteboard tool that lets you annotate, animate, narrate, import, and export almost anything to and from almost anywhere. Create slides, draw in any color, add shapes, add text, pictures and videos, use a laser pointer.
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  • There is also now a highlighter tool under the pen
  • The eraser is a tricky can only erase if you haven't pressed any other buttons in between. Once you have left the pen/eraser tools the drawing becomes 1 object and has to be deleted as a whole. In this case you will see the X button instead of the eraser.
  • The export icons now look slightly different. You always want to SAVE first and then export. I ask student to leave the name given and then just add their name after. If they do hand it in to a shared folder this helps with me knowing what document belongs to each person. I always start at the HOUSE and then export from there (we never touch the 2 box icons on the main screen).

I need ideas!

Some examples of how you might use Explain Everything in the classroom...

Here are some ways to use Explain Everything, but as I said the sky is the limit!

  • Create a slideshow presentation
  • Teach steps for using a new program or can embed a web browser right into your slides!
  • Non-fiction research project
  • Let a child be the teacher and record a lesson to share with others
  • Publish pieces of writing--narratives, short stories, etc.
  • Assessment...push out a problem and let kids record themselves as they explain their thinking
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Use as a tool for creating flipped lessons
  • Create interactive slides, much like you would on your Smartboard

Important Things to Note

You Made a Project File (.xpl), Now What?!

If you have created a project file, and are storing it in a shared google drive folder for students, you will need to follow the following steps for students to open it into explain everything...

  1. Find the file in Drive
  2. Click the Open In button in the middle of the file
  3. Click "open in" in the bottom row on the menu that opens
  4. Wait...the screen may look like it isn't doing patient...
  5. Choose Explain Everything from the top row when the next box opens
  6. It should then open the document into EE...and it's ready to work with :)

Want to SEE the steps? Watch the Video below.

opening xpl file

Using the More Advanced Tools

Watch this video to learn about Arranging Objects, Panning using the Zoom Button, and Using the Inspector Tool!
Explain Everything for iOS: Advanced design tools (on iPad)

More Please!!

This link will take you to the Explain Everything Playlist I have created in Youtube. It contains some great ideas for lessons as well as some tutorials.


Please know that support is all around you...I love Explain Everything and would be happy to answer any questions for you or work with you to plan a project for your kids.

There is also this great page that answers many FAQs

Last, but definitely not least...tweet them! @explainevrything is their twitter handle...they are very good about responding. If you don't have Twitter let me know, I would be happy to help you set up an account.

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