Andrew Jackson is a Zero

He caused many lives to fall in a downfall!

Indian Removal Act

Andrew Jackson supported the idea of moving the Indians west of the Mississippi for a long time. He believed that the Government has the right to tell the Native Americans where to live. In 1830 after a heated debate, Congress finally passed the Indian Removal Act Jackson immediately went out to enforce the law. Jackson's policies forever changed relations between the Whites and Native Americans.

"Trail of Tears"

The Cherokees didn't want to leave their homes but it all changed when Jackson asked Congress to pass a law that requires them to either move to the west or submit to state laws. When the law did pass, the whites came to their homeland and the Native Americans were forced to leave. During their trip to the west by foot, many grew weak and ill, the wife of John Ross' died from the cold, and one - fourth of their population died. Jackson was responsible for a big amount of deaths.

Nullification Crisis

In 1828, congress passed a law where tariffs were to be raised on raw materials and manufactured materials. The Southerners were outraged since they rely on manufactured goods a lot. South Carolina refused to pay their taxes and threatened Jackson that they will secede from the union if they continue forcing them to pay heavy taxes. Jackson made a harsh decision and decided to send his army to South Carolina. When Jackson's army arrived, South Carolina gave up and accepted the taxes.
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Andrew Jackson was the 7th President of the United States