Learning By Sharing in Virtual Cafes

About the Project

The project basically intends to raise students general knowledge and enhance their practical skills on various school subjects with a project based approach by unearthing their potential and helping them empower their sense of entrepreneurship and creativity.The project is aimed at consolidating the students' acquisitions in native language,English,social studies,maths,art and computer. We will form transnational project teams and the students will collaborate with each other in six virtual cafes. They will work collaboratively on six learning spaces such as Europe,History,Literature,Language,Maths and Art.They will carry out their own tasks to complete the whole as the mixed international teams or school teams. In the project,the students will find real atmosphere to practice their foreign language and a great variety of web 2.0 tools will be effectively and creatively used in the implementation of the different kinds of interesting activities.


-Helping unearth the students’ potential in their school life and social life. –Developing foreign language and ICT skills-Helping them have better school performance in different school subjects.-Developing the sense of entrepreneurship,creativity-Helping them develop international cooperation skills-Understanding the importance of diversity in the world-Getting to know about Europe,EU and other countries-Getting to know about their own history and the history of other project countries -Getting familiar with famous poets and writers from the project countries as well as the other countries-Promoting the love of writing and reading-Highlighting the connection between Maths and real life and so increase motivation towards Maths -To become familiar with famous painters from different European countries and to gain the ability of expressing themselves through art

Work Process:

September-October:Preparing project menu,presentations of school teams, schools and hometowns,logo contest ,forming transnational teams,collecting the dates of birth. Through the project,we will work collaboratively in six different virtual cafes. November:Cafe Europe - December: Cafe History- January and February:Cafe Literature - March:Cafe Language - April: Cafe Maths - May: Cafe Art. Throughout the project,Twinspace will be the main cooperation and communication space for us but we will also set up a project website,a page on facebook and communicate with each other through whatsapp group.We will choose the twinners of month ,celebarate the birthdays of the twinners,make interviews with other teachers,headmasters or local authorities,organize online meetings,form eTwinning corners at school. Finally, we will organize project exhibition and collect all the results an final e book.

Expected Results

-E books,video clips,short stories books,audio books,an anthology for poets and authors,posters,presentations,collaborative works a final video clip,a final project book, Twinspace and a website. -Improvement in English and ICT skills. -Enhanced international skills,creativity,entrepreneurship,gaining teamwork skills.

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