Hi my name is Calcium, but most people call me Ca. I am looking for my soul mate. I hope that you will be the one to finally end my search for love because it is really hard to find a date as an element.

Age (discovery):

I may seem old being 208, but I don’t look a day over 21. I was discovered in 1808 by Sir Humphrey Davy after he used a mixture of lime and mercury oxide to isolate me.

Atomic Number:


Atomic Weight

This may seem like too much information, but I thought it was important to include my weight which is at a healthy 40.

Career (What I am Used for):

Some said I was destined to be an electrician because I am a metal, but I took a different path of life. I have many jobs one being that I am a specialized support of bones and teeth. I also help make cosmetics, crayons, plastic, toothpaste, cement, and stomach antacids at a manufacturing plant. As well, I am licensed as a reducing and allying agent as well as, certified deodorizer of steel.


I have a very malleable personality, so I am very easy-going and flexible. I also am a total softy.

My Baggage:

The only problems with me are that I tarnish quickly, and I am so hot I am flammable. I also can never be found without a posse of people around me (basically making me a compound) because I do not like to be by myself in my pure single form, so if you date me you are also dating my crew.

Interesting Facts about Me:

My influence is so great that I am the most abundant mineral in human beings and the fifth most abundant resource in the Earth’s crust.