Seine the River

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  • length: 482 miles
  • commercial waterway within the Paris Basin in the north France.
  • resource for central and western France
  • flows from Dijon in the Alps
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  • Neanderthal stone tools from as far back as 500,000 years ago have been discovered in the Seine Basin
  • During the 9th century, the Vikings pillaged the Upper Seine, destroying much of Rouen, and sailed the river south to attack Paris


There are many seine tours in France

The boats that take you around the river are called flight boats

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What you can see! (monuments)

Throughout the stream you can see the
  • Eiffel Tower
  • the Louvre
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Throughout your way through

Throughout the river banks there are floating cafes, restaurants, and discos!
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There are many lights at night and it is beautiful in both the morning and night.

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Fun Facts

  • There are 32 bridges on the river in Paris!

*All 32 are not the same

One of the bridges that is along the way us les pont des arts (love lock bridge)!

  • The water from the Seine river is also used in industry and as drinking water
  • Much of the important and valuable art work in Paris is kept in underground storage rooms.
  • Several power stations use the Seine as the source of their cooling water
  • Has been the inspiration and the subject of painters for centuries

View from above

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There is an island also located along the river

It is called île de la cité
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