" N " Word , You got to go !

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Help us get rid of the " N " today !

The " N " word is a word that shakes many hearts in todays society and also in the passed . Many African-Americans want and need this word abolished from todays vocabulary . Its brining many bad memories and direspects them in many ways possible . Some people till this day say that word to many different races and think that's okay . Help stop this madness and create better use of language as soon as today .

We will discuss the removal of the " N " everyday in school .

In English class you will read a buck discussing the " N " word and wil think about ways to remove it . In History you will also talk about slavery as well . If you are not in school , we will have town meetings and discuss this on my Social Networking websites .

Why remove the word ?

The word is a provocative term . The word shouldnt be used period for any reason . Many races say the word as if it has no meaning at all . We must stop this now before future generations continue to use it .

Where are there discussions for the " N " word removal ?

There are discussions about it in school as well in community meetings . You can also check many websites as well as Social Network Websites to see for yourelf .