Animal Farm PBL

By: Tyler Seymour

Persuasive Essay (Following Blindly)

In today's society, blindly following other people is a huge problem. Blindly Following is when someone supports, or "follows" a leader without knowing their full intentions/ideals. One good example of blindly following is when people followed great dictators like; Adolf Hitler, or Kim Jong Un. The people of these countries become desperate and believe that these political figures will help them succeed, thus the reason why dictators become so powerful.

The theme I selected is reflected in the novel by all of the other animals on the farm blindly following the pigs and/or napoleon and snowball. These leaders were masking their real intentions to get the animals to blindly follow them to make them loyal before revealing the truth.

Blindly following is reflected society in places like north korea where many, many people blindly follow the north korean dictator, Kim Jong Un. Many people believe that this man has humanly impossible characteristics, which can be classified as blindly following.

My solution to Following Blindly is to slowly expose these leaders and open peoples eyes to the actual truth


The events in the novel were based on world war 1 and these make us think about many things in our world today such as; dictators in other countries, and also very communist nations where the people have no say in what they do. This novel relates very notably to our world today, and these were only a few examples.