De-extinction-Against the Recovery

What is de-extinction...?

De-extinction is the act of revival on species that are extinct. It is something that now doesn't pose as a fantasy to humans-it is at our fingertips with the generation of our technology. It is almost reality.

Why humans should NOT go through with the act of de-extinction


One of the major reasons why we should not go through with de-extinction is because of the funding. We have sufficient technology to go through with de-extinction but the cost of it is just too much. Is it worth reviving a species just for the cost of it going extinct AGAIN? Is it worth all that money and time-just to see something die again?

Displaced balance of the food chain...

Another big reason why we humans should not go through with de-extinction is if they come back to life they would disrupt the balance of the food chain. Then, not only one species would go extinct or be in danger of being endangered.

Changed environments...

We would not be able to mimic the original environments that they were in. There would be slight differences in possibly climates or the amount of precipitation. Those small things, could essentially be the down-fall of a species for the SECOND time.