All we know of Heaven

Jacquelyn Mitchard

Lights, unknown faces, and sirens was one thing Bridget and Maureen definitely did not expect seeing before arriving home one afternoon. Bridget and Maureen were the typical girl best friends that did primarily everything together. After an unbarring car crash that left Bridget in critical condition, Maureen left dead, and them both unrecognizable. The whole town was shocked. In this book, “All We Know of Heaven” by Jacquelyn Mitchard, the way the town acts and the surprises that take place will leave you speechless.

Everyone coped with the loss of Maureen roughly while Bridget was putting forth the fight. Further in the book, turns out the girls had their identities mistaken. I personally can’t imagine being anywhere close to in their shoes. Both families were confused with emotions. I loved the book and there was always something interesting and appalling in every chapter. Not once was I bored or wanted to put it down.

This book should catch the interest of many girls that like sentimental books with sad moments but also enjoy a sense of gore. Imagining the images of the girls and what they went through made me wonder. By far the number one book on my list. Things don’t always turn out the way they’re expect to, which this book showed me. It made me realize how short life is and how it can change in the blink of an eye.