Final Project

By Jacob Varvel

Internet Privacy

  • Advantages of sharing online: You have the ability to make more friends or to find more ways to relate to friends.
  • Disadvantages of sharing online is people you dont know can figure out what you are doing or they can track you down and find out where you live
  • Info you should keep private are address, phone number, age, high school etc.
  • Negative posts could affect someones reputation because the person who posted the post could say things that are not true. The victim could fall into depression and be effected socially and emotionaly.
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Cyber bullying

  • Cyberbully is the bullying of one or more people electronically on the internet or social media. An example is calling someone a dill on Twitter
  • Cyber bullying typically escalates when the victim tries to do something about it
  • The victim can tell a trusted adult about the incident or report to a school official.
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Persuasive Advertising

  • Some similarities between the 2 ads are they are celebrity endorsed. Some differences are they are 2 different drinks. Another similarity is they are both wearing red.
  • The advertisers are trying to say that if celebrities drink them you should too.
  • The target audience are people who like coke or milk.
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Body Image and the Media

  • I think it is bad to manipulate a picture because it is basically lying to the audience.
  • It has a huge effect because people are self conscious and will believe what people say.

Violence in the Media

  • They come to believe that its OK to do and they will take part or reenact a scene form the video game or movie.
  • I dont think its true because not all children are influenced by violent video games because they are smart enough not to do it.