Logical Plan Project

By: Lois, Isabelle, Emma and Andy

Solar Plan (Isabelle)

Our plan is to build Solar Pannels near the patio. Solar Pannels will power the school's energy, conserving energy. Let us introduce our Project to help conserve energy.

Who will provide us Solar Pannels? (Andres)

SEIA, a company,will provide solar panels for us. The government works with them and they will provide it for us, making our Solar Plan possible. SEIA stands for Solar Energy Industries Association. In able to communicate with them we can contact Alex Hobson, at 202-556-2886.

How does this help our school? (Lois)

Solar energy, is a renewable energy source, meaning it is infinite and will never run out (well, unless the sun goes, kaboom!)! This also means since nobody owns the sun (that I know of), that solar energy is free!!! Awesome right? That's less money to pay! Also, putting up solar panels help conserve energy and save money! The more school funds we get!

The Pro's and Con's (Emma)


~Our energy bill will be lower (can't say that enough)

~Our school would be counted as a "energy efficient school"

~We would be caring for our planet obviously needed

(*cough* our planets treated poorly *cough*)

~Our school earns thousands of dollars a year for projects they think of,

they can do it for this (sorry parents)

~a zero pollution way of energy


~It will cost lots of money to get them in the first place

~cloudy days CAN affect the amount of energy you can use/produce

Price (Andres)

$5600-$8600, but since the government will help pay for some of the amount it, it can be $2800-$4300.

Our tables

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Helpful Information (Isabelle)

~The government will help pay for the installation and solar panels

~But it takes down the electricity bill or even eliminates it.

~Our school wastes thousands of dollars a year with the electricity bill.

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