Summer Time!

By Katie Foltz


In the summer people have fun. For example friends go on the boat, have BBQS, and have sleepovers. It is a season that is really hot. It is really fun. You know how its coming when school is ALMOST out like 7 and 3/4 days left.

New Friends

You can make friends when you get there number at school. So you can hang out with them more and have them over. Also you can hang out with the friends you know already. I am not joking you can do ANYING thing in the summer. You can have bonfires i do not care.


Sometimes its too hot you have to stay inside because its too hot. No its not being lazing its just the heat. So you would probably have the air on. Or I go and jump in the lake. Or I would have all the fans in the house on.


Some people go on vacations. Last summer I went to Chicago. People go for work or fun. You normally want to go some where go want or you will probably get bored. Sometimes people go far or close to home.