Bat Loves the Night

Journeys - Lesson 6

Miss Hutter - Grade 3

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Essential Question :

What makes bats interesting and useful?

Background Information : Bats

Wild Detectives: Bats by Night

Skill of the week: Sequence of Events

The order in which things happen.

Spelling Words :

  1. math
  2. cheese
  3. toast
  4. June
  5. easy
  6. elbow
  7. socks
  8. program
  9. Friday
  10. shiny
  11. stuff
  12. piles
  13. paid
  14. sticky
  15. each
  16. both
  17. comb
  18. holiday

Vocabulary Words

twitch - to move suddenly

detail - one small part of a whole

swoops - drops down suddenly

slithers - slides down, on, or through something

squeak - a short high sound

dozes - sleeps lightly or naps

echoes - repeating sounds when sound waves bounce off a surface

snuggles - lies close together with another thing

Cause - the reason something happens
Effect - the result of an action

Identifying cause and effect while reading helps the reader to identify why events happen and the results of these events.
Why Bat Flies At Night