Joan Of Arc

My Hero

She is a Leader!

Shes Our Hero

She brave, loyal and kind she did something very brave SHE IS OUR HERO!
Why did she do what she did? why was she killed?

Here are some Questions about Joan Of Arc

What did She do that showed courage

She showed courage by leadership and leading a French Army in 1429. Joan Changed the way French People there King and Nation.

What Effect did Her Actions Have?

Her actions have a effect of death. She was Burned at the Stake for being Accused of being a WITCH.

If it had been you, would you have done the same thing?

Yes I would have done the thing she did. she changed the way people think.

What would you have done Differently? why?

I would have done not thing Differently, Because what she did was amazing she did something no one else would have done Her actions. Her actions were amazing she did something that changed every thing in France she even changed the King!

What can you learn or learned from what She did?

I learned that she never gave up and she was a leader and a fighter she is amazing person. I also learn never give UP!

Some Pictures of Joan of Arc