My Smore Flyer

Logan Conner


great way to entertain

alway to past time

maybe have to use your mind

excitive is what they are

scrabble for example


dog cat




it chews on everything



I am the sun

I am working all day but not night.

I have a lot of bursting heat.

I am bringing summer to everyone.

I help plants that are growing.

I dry up all the rain water.


Ode my shoes I love you.

You help keep my feet warm.

Shoes you keep my feet cozy.

You relax my feet.

Shoes you help me run outside.

You get me through the day.

Shoes I cherish you my shoes.

You are great to wear throughout the day.


My teeth are straight as a line.

My eyes are as brown as a tree.

My height is as big as mount Everest.

My weight is more than a elephant's.

My brain as big as a bear.

I am as tall as a redwood tree.

I am a whale


A leaf across the sky.

gliding in the air all day.

and all night too.


Earth makes me think of space.

Space makes me think of the moon.

The moon makes me think of the sun.

The sun makes me think of the stars.

The stars makes me think of the galaxies.

Galaxies makes me think of the universe.

The universe makes me think of planet.


There was a dog. a

That writes a blog.a

He has a friend named sam.b

His friend sam liked to eat ham.b

An,the dog died while on a log.a


When sneezing through your nose . a

This is an important issue.b

You don't know where the germs goes.a

So if you can use a tissue


My brother is meaner than yours.

He fights black bears every morning just to make him angry.

Instead of eating food he eats silverware and plates.

Instead of driving to school he runs to school for 50 miles.

Instead of using the door he uses the chimney.

Instead of playing video games he eats them.

Instead of putting out a fire with water he uses his bare hands.

Instead of using a computer eats it.

Instead of using a bed he uses the roof.

Instead of using a window he uses the door.

Instead of using the oven he uses the sun.

Instead of using microwave he uses the oven.