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Asia's Journey proudly presents our new tour system! We travel from Tokyo, Japan to Seoul, South Korea, to Beijing, China and Houhai Taiwan.

Go on a trip with Asia's Journey

South Korea

  • One US dollar is 1082.05 Won

It is often said that you can never get bored in Korea, and that is very true. South Korea holds many entertainment services, such as Karaoke, Panmunjon, folk villages, fascinating ports, Gyeonju, and the beautiful Jeju Island.

  • The South Korean capital, Seoul, is one of the best travel locations. The city's skyscrapers tower over Buddhist temples. This perfect view can be seen at the peak of Namsan Park, which is one of our stops in the South Korean province.

  • The almighty Coex mall is a great spot to sit back, relax, and enjoy. It holds many attractions such as the Unfolding Sky, Collaboration 'X', and their flexible identity pulls it all together. It is very hard to get bored here~

  • The N Seoul Tower holds many attractions that are open to visitors such as an observatory, restaurant, and gift shop!


  • 1 U.S. Dollar is 119.80 yen

Tokyo, Japan the land of the rising sun is home to many beautiful tourist friendly attractions!

  • Tokyo skytree: Japan's tallest tower over 2,080 feet high (634m) !

  • The Tokyo Tower is one of Japans highlights, with a beautiful view and entertainment from the observitory, with many attractions on foot just below it. The tower holds beautiful lights which are named here --->

  • The Tokyo Imperial Palace is a beautiful sight within Tokyo. Although tourists cannot exactly go within the palace, the view is spectacular and the location is near a beautiful garden which is definitely worth the visit. But beware!!! The Palace closes at 5pm.


1 U.S. dollar is 6.21 Yuan.p

Beijing, the second largest city in China is home to many tourist-friendly attractions, such as:

The Great Temple of Heaven, which served as a sacred place for emperors of the Ming Dynasty.

Summer Palace,


Forbidden City.


1 U.S. dollar is 30.80 in New Taiwan Dollars.

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Asia's Journey is made up of 4 people: Juan, Karla, Alex, and Shea. We are trying to put together this tour unit to let others experience the greatness of Asia.


This tour is for your sake only, so we ask all of our costumers to follow some simple rules~

  1. You must follow all of the rules below this or you will be taken out of the system without a refund.
  2. At no point in time will you be refunded after you have payed and started the tour.