The Brain

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The Brain

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Directions for Phineas Gage Video:

Please watch the video on Phineas Gage. While watching please crate a T chart describing Phineas' behavior before the accident and after. Please take the formative assessment linked below the video once finished watching. Class discussion on Phineas Gage and a review of the formative assessment will occur during our next class.
Phineas P. Gage

Phineas Gage Formative Assessment

Please Take the Formative Assessment linked here

Directions: The Behaving Brain Video

Please watch The Behaving Brain Video and complete the Formative Assessment below. We will discuss the questions and video in class!

The Divided Brain Video: Formative Assessment

Please watch the Divided Brain Video and complete The Formative Assessment

The Organization and Evaluation of Brain Function Video

Please watch the following video and complete the following formative assessment.
Split Brain mpeg1video