English Assignment

by mohammed.badami

The fight between Jack and Harry

On Monday Jack accidentally pushed Harry in a classroom. Harry took it seriously .Harry started fighting with Jack.Their friends try to stop the fight but it made it more worse. Their classmates Tom and Huck went to call a teacher to stop the fight. As Mr Peter came in, the fight stopped and everybody became silence. Mr Peter is a strict teacher but sometimes he become kind. Mr Peter said "What happened"in an angry mood. Tom and Huck raised his hand up. Mr Peter pointed on Huck. Huck said "there was a fight between Jack and Harry ...sorry....Jack and Harry."

Jack and Harry is going to principals office with a Mr Peter. Jack and Harry were shivering, when they saw principle's name plate, their heart went pumping very fast. There were saying sorry in mind. He more when he hear the footsteps. He felt, he will die after he will get punished.

when teacher knocks on the door there was.... no answer. Mr Peter remember that principle was gone to another school for some work. Jack and Harry said "Huff..".They went to the class. When they entered, everybody was asking "what happened". Jack and Harry said "nothing". In the Break Harry and Jack Began a fight Because When Harry was running, he unintentionally kick the stone to Jack to Jack. Some classmate took Jack and others took Harry.

The friends made a plan to take jack pencil and nobody except harry will give him. When jack came after the break, he can't find his pencil except harry. he searched the pencil in the bag and he founds an extra pencil. The friend's plan got failed.

Next day they try to keep them both away. This day was special for Harry. In the break , he try to avoid fighting. After break when Harry came in, he saw his Birthday surprise and enjoy it but Jack went to toilets because he don't want to wish him. Next day there was a picnic and Jack and Harry can't go because of their behaviour. Jack and Harry were a lone in school. They played alone with a wall.

when the friends came, nothing had change . They both were still the same, they didn't broke the fight. This time the friends did the simple thing that was to talk to them and tell them to say to each other.

They tried that but they ignored them. They both said "I will not say sorry. Well may be not


There was a man called harry

who like to eat sweet blackberry

he had played with bees

who sits on the trees

who was a man called harry

Huge, snowy mountains

Giving a lovely landscape

Beautiful, Blue Sky






take your energy to stadium