Luxsika Thuraiaiya

All About Me

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Who am I?

Well my name is Luxsika Thuraiaiya and I am a grade 10 student attending Louise Arbour Secondary School. I was born on May 7th, 2000 in Montreal, Quebec and currently I am 15 years old. I am Hindu and I speak Tamil at home. Also, my parents are both from Sri Lanka. I grew up in a large family of seven, four brothers and my parents. We lived in Montreal up to three years, moved to Etobicoke for seven years and moved to Brampton. Being raised in a family of seven, I grew up loving board games such as Settlers of Catan, Risk, Monopoly, etc. These games requires a lot of thinking and strategy. It tends to test my knowledge and is very competitive which is why I enjoy these board games. Being the only girl in the family, I learnt many techniques and lessons in which I integrated into my normal life and sports teams. My favourite sport as of now is flag football. I played in this year’s flag football season as a wide receiver. Also another sport I enjoy is track & field. I was on a track and field team outside of school. I took part in 10 tournaments running 100m and 200m races. I won 1st in all my races and have taken home 20 trophies. It was an important memory in my life in which I cherish till this day. Furthermore, one of main hobbies is drawing. I was inspired by my brothers as they were very artistic and talented. From drawing cars to realistic people, my eldest brothers inspired me to draw. Besides the fact I enjoy drawing, running and playing flag football, I am a very outgoing and enthusiastic person. I am very friendly and love socializing. Whenever I am being put down I tend to always stay positive and surround myself with a positive atmosphere rather than lashing my anger on someone else. In conclusion, this is me, a playful, fun loving yet a competitive individual.

My Lifeline

December 2015

Christmas was filled with joy and happiness. Spending quality time with my family and cousins was amazing. This was the first year where my cousins, my family and I did Secret Santa. It was very exciting as we all had to hide our gifts from our Secret Santa's and not tell any other person. However, I was the sneaky one. I manipulated my younger cousins and family to tell me who they have. I knew everyone except five people. My Secret Santa tricked me into telling me that she had my brother but she had me. Overall, It was a very nice change and we all had fun. The adults, teens, and kids all enjoyed playing. We all declared as of now, Secret Santa is apart of our family tradition and we are playing this game in the upcoming Christmas'.

My Favourite Things

I have many favourite things however I have a relationship with all three of these pictures below. I love food, makeup, and watching television shows! I am a foodie and love trying new things but my favourite part is the desserts! From cakes to brownies, cookies, ice cream, etc I love food. Also I love watching tv. I currently watch, The Vampire Diaries, Arrow, Flash, Jane the Virgin, DC's Legends of Tommorow, Pretty Little Liars, and The Originals. But my favourite show currently is The Originals. Lastly I love makeup! I enjoy experimenting with different cosmetics such as lipsticks, eye shadows, mascaras, foundation, etc.

Leadership Style

I am a leader of persuasion. I tend to encourage cooperation from all my members. Using each team member's strengths, I make them more invested in the task. I take in everyone's opinion, however I make the end decision. This is accurate as I want everyone to do their fair trade but I make the final touches and decisions at the very end. I like being in authority because my opinion is valued more then others. As a leader, it is my responsibility to guide and lead my group to success.

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My Main Influences

My main influences are my cousins and my three older brothers, Rajeepan, Suissan, and Yathusan. They're all very hardworking, determined and confident individuals. They are genuinely very kind and always aims to succeed in life which influences me to strive for the same success. My family and cousins always encourage me to never give up and keep going even if I encounter any obstacles.

My best friend, Prrunthaa is another influence as well. She is always passionate and such a kind person. Whenever I need her, she is always there as a helping hand and has supported me. Lastly my friends influences me as well. They are very dedicated to their studies and are always very optimistic which influences me as well. They always looks towards the bright side of things.

Role Model

The role model award goes to my mom! My mother is an important individual who has helped me become who I am. Being the only girl in the household must have been tough. She has overcome many obstacles yet she is always smiling on the outside. Her smile lights the whole world up. She is such a strong individual and she inspires me to be just like her. Through her motivational talks about life, she inspires me to succeed in life. She has taught me to never give up and to work hard for what I want. I'm proud and appreciate my mother a lot because she worked hard to provide us the education we need. I would never trade her for someone else. She is such caring, confident, and loving woman. She is not only a motherly figure to me but she is also my role model.

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In terms of family symbols, the Sri Lankan flag represents who we are as a family. Both of my parents are Sri Lankan. The Sri Lankan flag signifies strength and power and we are all proud that we are Sri Lankan. The golden lion symbolizes bravery and authority. The lion's nose stands for intelligence and the beard of the lion stands for purity of words. The Sri Lankan flag is apart of who we are.

To me the infinity symbol stands for forever and always. No matter what me and my family encounter, even if it destroys us, we will always find a way back together. I will never leave their side. Being apart of a large family, I was taught the true meaning of family and the infinity sign symbolizes my family.

Lastly, the birthday cake symbolizes my family. Since I was little, my family and I always cut cake at 12:00 am at night for someone's birthday. This has been apart of our tradition for years! Even if we are all busy, we always make time to cut cake at 12:00 am. We create many memories out of little moments like these and we cherish them until we are older.

Test Results

Learning Style: Auditory Learner

Personality Type: ETSP (Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Perceiving)

Interests: The Visionary (A person of unusually keen foresight. A person who is given to bold, highly, speculative ideas.

Knowledge: Computers

Motivation: Recognition

Occupations: Politician, Statistician, Director

True Colours : Orange

Right Brain or Left Brain similar minds test: Left Brain Dominant

Holland Code Career Test: Enterprising

In terms of what helped me determine what I want to do, the My Blueprint was the most accurate and helpful. The quizzes identified various things about myself which gave me background information as to what field I should go into. All the questions I was asked were all very detailed yet very straight forward. It was very accurate. Also I learnt what my learning style was, personality, interests, motivation and the website listed my top three occupations and what post-secondary field I should go into. My Blueprint was very helpful as well. What I liked about this website because it gave me an overview of my results. They went into depth with all the results I received which was very helpful. However, it was all accurate except for my occupations. The top three occupations that was listed was a Politician, Statistician, and Director. Since it says I'm enterprising and artistic, these occupations was aimed toward these traits that I received. Although this is not very accurate and it's not the field I'm heading towards, that was the only default about the website.

The test that was the least helpful was the true colours test. True colours is a personality test that is designed to give you a better grasp on yourself and the others around you. The true colours test determines a colour in which represents your personality. After the following test, it indicated the colour orange matched my personality. The colour orange identifies I am playful, fun loving, competitive, impulsive and likes to take risks. Also it says I am filled with loads of energy, does not think of consequences, usually very funny and fun, needs variety and flexibility and needs hands on approach on situations. This explained me perfectly however it doesn't give me enough information in terms of what I want to do in the future. Also when calculating the total, I was very close to becoming the gold colour. Due to this, I believe it was the least helpful.

Furthermore, I am hardworking, confident, open minded, and very artistic. These four strengths signifies who I am as a person. I am a hardworking individual. When it comes down to completing my tasks, assignments, presentations, and homework I always put my 110% effort. I take the initiative to complete my task and try to complete it with full effort. I tend to be dedicated, determined and work with energy. I am also very confident. I believe that I can do well and succeed. As well as, I'm capable to express my thoughts without no fear. With confidence, it gives me the power to talk to anyone open minded. In comparison to shy people, I'm able to communicate with anyone in a professional or even a friendly manner. Additionally, I am open minded. I am willing to consider new ideas. I am a persuasive leader as I mentioned in my leadership style paragraph, although I take in everyone's opinion. If I'm told a new creative idea, I will take into consideration as to executing idea in presentations. Lastly, I am artistic. I use my artistic ability to the full extent. I am very good with technology, as well as I am good with the old fashioned way, drawing. I have been drawing since I was a little kid and like to create various different things to differentiate myself from the others. My artistic skills is apart of who I am.

In spite of my strength, I have four weaknesses. I am a procrastinator, very lazy, impatient and very stubborn. To begin with, I am a procrastinator! I am a person who delays scheduled plans, assignments, tasks, etc and complete it last minute. I admit this is a very bad habit to keep however I have recognized I work better when I'm in pressure. I do not worry about it until last minute because that will be the only thing that will be running through my mind. When I'm under pressure, I also recognized I organize my time wisely to complete the assigned task or plans. Additionally, I am very lazy! I am a very hardworking individual although, I tend to always be unwilling to work sometimes, which leads me to procrastinate. This goes for anything, rather than doing something productive, I just lay in bed either sleeping or watching my television shows. Along with my laziness and procrastination, I am very impatient. I tend to be very irritated quickly. Being impatient could be referred to short tempered as well. For an example, when someone plays music while I'm trying to complete a task, I'm not able to concentrate, therefore I become very irritated. Moreover, I am stubborn. This has to be my biggest weakness out of the four I listed. I am always determined to do what I want and not take into consideration the consequences I could possibly encounter. I tend to do this a lot. I refuse to do anything and I just do what ever I want. It is not a very good factor which is why I'm trying to eliminate this weakness.

Overall, the test results was very predictable because I know who I am inside and out. Granting all this, I would not rely on these resources 100%. I encourage you to make your own decisions rather than following what the websites says because its not completely accurate. Some results did match who I am but not entirely. I do not want to become a Statistician, director or a Politician. These are the preferred occupations for my type.