The Basics of Minecraft



Minecraft was the very first and best sandbox game. sandbox games are games in which players can do anything they want.some of the things people have built in Minecraft are the city of Shanghai, an exact model of the united states, king's landing, Battlestar Galactica, a working 18-bit computer, and even a house that builds itself! most other sandbox games are pretty much the same thing as Minecraft, with a few changes. the most common change in sandbox games so that they aren't too much like Minecraft is to inflate the rating. I know it looks like GTA was released before Minecraft, but Minecraft started being made in 2007 and GTA isnt really a sandbox game.
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Players can communicate on Servers. a Minecraft server is usually a computer that runs a game that users are able to play together on. the computer must be running a hosting program to keep the server up. one of the most popular hosting companies is Hamachi, which lets players create a free server that up to four of their freinds can join. players join servers to fight monsters together, build an amazing creation, compete in building competitions, or just talk in the chatbox.
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Players can even program things in-game using commands and command blocks. Command blocks are small blocks that can be used to execute commands. Some of the most commonly used commands when operating a server are /kill [player name], /kick [player name], and /ban [player name]. when programming, people use commands like /gamerule [new game rule], /timeset [new sun position], and /entitydata. For example, a complete ban command would be “/ban Gram_the_MLG reason: using hacked client”. People have used commands to create other games within Minecraft like Spleef, where you have to run around trying not to fall while every block that you step on disappears. There’s also PvP, a competitive game in which players fight each other until only one remains. (Inspired by the Hunger Games) Mineplex actually has some original games, like slimeball, where players have to play soccer with a green “slime” slimes are characters that look like little green blocks. They just jump around and eat things unless programmed to do something along the lines of “act like a soccer ball”. this is what a command block looks like in-game:

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Again, those are just the basics of Minecraft. There’s probably enough about the game to make 30 feet of infoghraph. Minecraft definitely has some amazing things programmed into it.

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