Español y El Cerebro

Spanish and the Brain

Is there a perfect time to learn a second or new language?

There is a period in every humans life called the Critical Period. This period occurs between age 2 and at the point of development in the body. At the end of this period, the brain if fully developed; completing laterization. Therefore, this period is very resourceful for learning a new language. Babies use both sides of their brain, making it easier to learn a new language or a second one. As you get older, you use your brain in different ways and depend on different parts of it; making it more difficult.



There are also many affects and situations that can interfere when learning a new language disregarding age. Your personality and motivation is a simple factor that contributes greatly. Also, your access and instruction to the language will determine your proficiency to the language. At last, your ability and your language development are key to your success in a new language.