Anne Frank

A holocast victim

Anne Frank and her family

Anne Frank was a young girl when the war started. It isnt your noramal war this is holocast. The germans had a new ruler Adolf Hitler (a REALLY REALLY bad dude!!!) Adolf hated jews (jewish peeps are jews) he hated them so much he started to arest jews and time to time he gave speeches to giant crowds and made them think jews caused problems the people belived him but others didnt.How can a guy be so evil aresting men women and children!!!! MY GOSH PURE EVIL!!! The place the jews are taken when they are arested is called a concentration camp eehhhh thinking about that place sends a chill down my spine!!!! concentration camps are basicly a death trap!! Wow i just gave myself goosebumps!!! Thats were Anne was taken along with her family when they were arested!

Anne Books

People wrote many books about Anne franks life but one is the real deal her true diary!!! The diary was translated into 7 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES OMG THATS A FAME BOOK!!

Here are some pictures of Anne and her family

Anne Franks hard chilldhood

having a hard childhood is hard

can you emagine having a hard childhood well Anne did alot of things were taken from her alot of fun things like going to the movies being able to go outside when ever they wanted and alot of other fun things to do was taken