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Week of September 27th

What will you do to make this week AWESOME?

The past four weeks have passed by very quickly! We have been teaching procedures, setting routines, assessing progress and busily getting down to business... after all, we have goals to reach, right? October is right around the corner... and EVERYONE has put in countless hours and invested time into the lives of kids. The rewards of this hard work can be seen in the eagerness of our students each day. Thank you for your continued energy, positive attitude and perseverance! Everyday is a great day to be a LEOPARD!!

Have a WONDERFUL week!

Holly & Rachel

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What's Coming Up?

Monday, September 28th

Closed Personal Day

K-2 Library & 3/5 Guidance

Adaptive Schools Cohort #1 Meeting-Holly Out

Geisendorfer Morning Announcements

PAC Lunch Troutman

4th Grade Field Trip to Hannibal

LE Model Classrooms Vertical Team 3:45 pm

Tuesday, September 29th

Closed Personal Day

Adaptive Schools Cohort #1 Training-Holly Out

Kindergarten and 5th grade Late Start

SSOC Application Team Meeting @ 3:45 p.m. -Mrs. Meyers Office

Wednesday, September 30th-


PD Plans are Due-Pre Implementation Section-Entered in NEE

PAC Lunch Troutman

Model Classrooms 1st grade

Meeting with Mr. Penny @ 1:00 p.m.-Holly Out

Early Release-Mandatory Training for all Staff-Mandated Reporting

Thursday, October 1st

Closed Personal day

Pot Luck Luncheon-One last BBQ :)

PAC Lunch Troutman

1st and 3rd Late Start

Adaptive School Cohort #2 Training-Rachel Out

Pizza Hut Fundraiser Night

PTO Meeting 6:00pm

Friday, October 2nd

Closed Personal Day

2nd and 4th Late Start

Adaptive School Cohort #2 Training-Rachel Out

Cub Scouts Presenting in Café during Lunch

Monday, October 5th-

STAR Window Opens-Closes October 16th

eValuate ELA Testing

Fire Safety Week

3-5 Library/K-2 Guidance

Department Head Meeting @ 7:45 a.m.-Dr. Porter to visit

Harke-Morning Announcements

Canvas Orientation @ 9:30 a.m.-Holly Out

PAC Lunch-Danback

Readers Workshop Discussion (k-2) @ 4:00 @ Powell Conference Room

Lincoln Elementary Night at the Pumpkin Patch-Grade K-2 from 5:30-7:00 p.m.

Tuesday, October 6th-

K & 5th Late Start

Admin Meetings-Holly Out a.m.

DESE Day-Dr. Steffes-PD-Goal Setting-Feedback-Assessment Capable Learners

Readers Workshop Discussion (3-5) @ 4:00 @ Powell Conference Room

Lincoln Elementary Night at the Pumpkin Patch-Grades 3-5 from 5:30-7:00 p.m.

Wednesday, October 7th-

Unum Open Enrollment 7:45 a.m.-4:45 p.m. (Mandatory for all-5-10 minutes)

5th Grade Department Head Meeting @ CO

PAC Lunch Danback

Early Release-Professional Development hosted by R-III Literacy Coaches

Thursday, October 8th-

Closed Personal Day

Unit of Instruction Support-Mr. Tom Hairston from NEE available during your scheduled plan time. More information to follow.

1st & 3rd Late Start

PAC Lunch Danback

Unum Open Enrollment 7:45 a.m.-4:45 p.m. (Mandatory for all-5-10 minutes)

Friday, October 9th-


2nd & 4th Grade Late Start

District Character Education Meeting @ 10:00 a.m.-Holly or Rachel Out

Unum Open Enrollment 7:45 a.m.-4:45 p.m. (Mandatory for all-5-10 minutes)

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Click Here to POST a Celebration

It is so important to celebrate the success and greatness that surrounds us! This is another tech tool (Padlet) which will allow us to post these celebrations and browse too! Fill someone's bucket and be inspired by others!

Who will you celebrate this week?

Kelly & Sam, Thanks for setting up an adorable card shower for me. The treats were super tasty. You guys rock! ~Sam

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated in the Grandparents Italian Dinner! We had a great turn out that evening and the kids LOVED seeing so many friendly faces! A special thanks to Mrs. Huff for painting the Thumbprint Tree & Ms. Hanshew for creating the photo booth for the evening. Thank you for sharing your time and talents! ~Holly & Rachel

Shout Out to Mrs. Meyers for making the arrangements for our State School of Character Application Committee to attend training this past week. We are off to a great start! ~Holly & Rachel

Thank you for incorporating strategies into your daily practice for students to become familiar with and monitor their learning outcomes. We are seeing SEVERAL examples of this important practice throughout the school! For instance...Kindergarten is graphing their reading stamina, First Graders are tracking how many books they have read & Fifth Graders are recording the daily learning outcome in their notes & referring back to it during their learning. These are JUST A FEW of the strategies that we have noticed this week. Keep up the great work!

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Let's Celebrate our Birthdays

Stacey Geisendorfer-October 2nd

Bev Danback-October 11th

Jenni Rust-October 15th

Caroline Huff-October 27th

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