Poem Response

Green Beans

Green Bean Poem

Spring-loaded vines
on tendrils
shinny up skinny
poles and
shoot for the sun.
Their leavings are
heart shapes that
pinch to life
small yellow curves
that plump
like the knuckles
on babies’ hands.
Each nub
lengthens down
to a green
velvet composure
that will curtsy
and sway in the wind.


No need to slit the tight skin
down to its pearls. Just snap
the stem and bite. The coldest
spring water never rinses away
the holy scent of turned earth
slendered into a bean, that trace
it holds of wild green smoke.
Relaxed in steam and slathered
in buttery gold, each one of
these peasants, when summoned
to the royal red silk
banquet hall of your mouth
will loyally serve its fare,
presenting with quiet dignity
small mists of sweetgrass, pineroot,
peat, seawater, ancient stone.

Rod Jellema

Rod Jellema was born in 1927 and became a American poet, a teacher, and a translater. He has a B.A. from Calvin College and a PhD from the University of Edinburgh.
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Lesson for You

This poem by Rod Jellema is a little random. This random poem about green beans is suppost to introduce the idea you guys can make a poem about basically anything. If you put your mind to it, you can make a great poem.

Poems feed the mind, how will this poem get your brain going. This is a poem about green beans but can you have a poetry response to every poem?