The Mess Around

By Joseph Miles

Ray's Childhood

Ray Charles Robinson was born on September 23 , 1930. Ray had a little brother that was 2 years younger than him .His name was George. One day, when Ray was 5 and George was 3 , They both were playing in the yard and their mom told them to take a bath so they went over to the bin of water (tub) George slipped and fell in.Ray was to busy laughing that he couldn't see that George's head was stuck. Ray knew after that day, his life would never be the same. George died at age 3 . After that Ray started losing his vision at age 7. His mom helped him with the basic stuff like how to get around. And then, after she couldn't teach him how to read and wright so she sent him to school for the blind. After Ray went to school his mom passed away

Ray's songs

Ray went from Tampa Bay to Seattle, looking for a job.He went to a club to audition and blew their minds when he didn't even know what to he got the job but quit because they were cheating him. In Harlem 1952, he met Omet his producer and creator of the hit song ''Mess around''. He dropped a lot of hit songs like Hit The Road Jack and Georgia in my mind.

Ray Charles

Ray charles was an inspiration to us all. Sadly he pasted away on June 10 ,2004. He was unlike any other singer or piano player he was blind. I describe him as a good artist and he inspires me to follow my dreams.
Ray Charles - Mess Around