Theodore Roosevelt

Myles Mead

Where it all starts

Did you know that Theodore Roosevelt was the youngest president at age 42?Theodore Roosevelt was named after a teddy bear. Theodore Roosevelt was a huge part of this country. In this article you will learn about his early life, his war life and his political life.

Early life

Theodore Roosevelt was born on October 27th, 1858. He grew up in Manhattan New York City, New York. He had three siblings one brother and two sisters. He was the second child out of four, but he was the smart one. He attended Harvard college and Columbia University.


War Life

Theodore Roosevelt was the assistant secretary of the NAVY. He was also apart of the Rough Riders. Also he led the NAVY to defeat the Spanish in April 25th, 1898 - December 10th, 1898. Sadly TR had more important stuff to do more than the NAVY.

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Political Life

He became the 26th president of the USA. But before he became the 26th president he became the Vice president. Theodore Roosevelt was at the Republican party. He got married twice to Alice Hathaway Lee Roosevelt and Edith Roosevelt. Theodore Roosevelt was the 33rd New York Governor from 1899-1900.

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A sad ending

Theodore Roosevelt has his own National Park. Did you know that if Theodore Roosevelt was still alive than he would be 156 years old. He was also included in Mount Rushmore.For his lost Theodore won The Nobel Peace Award in 2006. Sadly at age 60 Theodore Roosevelt died in his sleep on January 6th,1919 but he never woke up.

Power Words

Mount Rushmore- It is a mountain in South Dakota with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

Rough Riders- A crew in World War II.