Jennifer Lynn Barnes

''Who do you think you are to look at her that way? You're nothing. She's everything. Kill her. Now.''

Nobodies tend to get no love, they get ignored, and are practically invisible in every way possible. No one notices them, and no one cares about them. They literally exist under the radar, and tend to get forgotten as soon as one turns away. The thesis of this book lies in everyone having different energies. The main concern being mentioned is ''The Society'' . In the book it's being said that the kind of energy they study isn't like gravity, electricity, or heat. It seems more like a substance, a glow, or maybe even a person's soul. The book really wasn't what I expected at all, I strongly thought that it would be just another corny teenage romance, but the author really surprised me because the book required the use of an advanced imagination.

Once I started reading I was immediately astounded by how action-packed this story is. There really isn't a lot of time for you to stop and catch your breath. The viewpoint of the book was incredibly fascinating to me and also kept me reading. The plot is so imaginative that I’m literally left speechless.

Since both Claire and Nix are Nobodies, they are unbelievably threatening to the Society because two nobodies can cause lots of trouble. If one isn't found and controlled by age five, it has to be terminated by another Nobody assassin, because a team of sensors cannot harm them. Nix was originally sent to kill Claire, but that failed when his bosses at the Society got involved, and then they both had to be on the run. Along the way they discover some of the Society’s dirty secrets, which leads the Nobodies to investigating them and their purpose.

However, since things are happening so fast and you're basically rushed right into everything, there isn't really that much time for an explanation. While i was reading, fifty percent of the time I didn't really understand what was going on and what exactly the words "Sensor", "Null", or "Nobody" meant until about 3/4 throughout the book.

I was also really irritated by the fact that they instantly fell in love, who falls in love with the person that tried to kill them?

It felt like the book was holding too much information back so even though I was rushing through every page – I never really felt that interested in the story. I wouldn't change the epilogue because it won me back and made me glad I read the book.

Despite my opinion it really is an imaginative read, but even though i couldn't connect with the book, I do encourage others to give this book a try. This is a good book for those who like a fast-paced story, with lots of unexpected plot twists.

''Less than shadow. Less than air.''

About the Author

Jennifer Lynn Barnes (who mostly goes by Jen) was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She has been, in turn, a competitive cheerleader, a volleyball player, a dancer, a debutante, a primate cognition researcher, a teen model, a comic book geek, and a lemur aficionado. She's been writing for as long as she can remember, finished her first full book (which she now refers to as a "practice book" and which none of you will ever see) when she was still in high school, and then wrote Golden the summer after her freshman year in college, when she was nineteen.

Jennifer graduated high school in 2002, and from Yale University with a degree in cognitive science (the study of the brain and thought) in May of 2006. She was awarded a Fulbright to do post-graduate work at Cambridge, and then returned to the states, where she is hard at work on her PhD.

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