Harris and Me



The boy was brought to a farm. Then the next morning he got woke up by the smell of pancakes. Then they went out to milk cows. The next day the went to go build bikes and then they almost got struck by lightening. Then they built a swing to swing on.


The setting is a farm with a lot of cows and some horses. There are some old cars and buildings. There are bikes and metal laying all over the place. The farm is in the middle of nowhere.

The author wrote the book because he likes the country and he likes animals.

The main character is Harris. Harris is a farm boy and he likes farm work with animals .Harris also milks cows for a living. His parents are the antagonist because they did not want Harris. And Harris's parents abandoned Harris when he was a baby.

other book titles

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I would recommend it because i think kids in the future would like the books.