Artifact - Sam Godly


Value 1 - Nature (Photos)

During the first couple days i noticed a new aspect of nature, back in Texas the land was mostly flat, dry and boring. Not much excitement, but coming here changed my look at nature, i learned to value nature, because nature created where i was staying at the time, and it gave me joy.

This is a picture i took in Hawaii -

Value 2 - Respecting People and Cultures (Illistration)

Seeing how everyone in Hawaii behaved was surprising. Every Hawaiian i had seen were kind, to everyone, whether they knew who that person was or not. They valued not only themselves, but also the people and cultures around them.

Here is an illustration representing respect for other people and cultures - (flags)

Value 3 - Passion (Video)

In hawaii i wanted to take a picture of everything so I could look back on the amazing experience. But taking great photos was not the only thing i got out of this trip, I think after my trip, i developed my actual passion for photography.

Video clip of a time lapsed sunset in Hawaii -

Oahu, Hawaii - Time Lapse Sunset

Media #5 (Video)

Video of Hawaii representing Culture
Hawaii Time Lapse Video From Hawaiian Airlines