The Motion Of The Ocean

All about the ocean


Currents are created by wind, density differences I water masses caused by temperature, salinity variations, gravity, and events such as earthquakes

Deep Water Currents

deep water currents flow under the surface of the ocean and are hidden from immediate detection


Gyres are any large system of rotating currents, mostly those who are involved with large wind movements. Gyres occur in the northern hemisphere, and the southern hemisphere

Western/Eastern Ocean Boundary Currents

surface currents are located on the western side of the subtropical gyres, are faster than their eastern counterparts. both western and eastern boundary currents are among the fastest surface currents in the world.
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Counter Currents/ Up Wellings/ Down Wellings

Counter currents flow on the surface in the opposite direction of the main currents. Up welling is the upward motion of water. This motion brings cold, nutrient rich water to the surface. Down welling is the downward motion of water, it supplies the deeper ocean with dissolved gasses.

Heat Transport/ Climate

Heat Transport is the exchange of thermal energy between physical systems, depending on the temperature and pressure by dissolving heat. CLimate is the weather conditions in an area for a long time.

Deep Water Currents

Deep water currents are caused by density and temperature. These currents flow underneath the surface of the ocean and are hidden from the immediate direction.
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Studying Ocean Currents

Ocean currents are continuous, directed movement of seawater.
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