Touching Spirit Bear

by Ben Mikaelsen

Flyer created by Sean Conroy

Characterization of Cole Mathews

Peter Driscal was having an ordinary day when Cole Mathews approached him and started to beat him. Cole did this out of "revenge" or retaliation because Peter had informed the police that Cole ,had in fact, robbed the convenience store. Cole was then sentenced to a year on a remote island after going through circle justice. He ended up wasting his first chance at healing and went to the island a second time, except that this time cole had to build everything himself. The experience taught him a lot such as how to control his anger and become at peace with nature. Peter eventually came to the island because he was attempting to commit suicide as a way to heal. Cole showed him and his parents what he had accomplished during his stay. Peter's parents were somewhat reluctant to leave Peter there with Cole and Garvey, but they eventually relented. After Peter finally trusted Cole they became semi-close friends and Peter no longer wanted to commit suicide.
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Thematic Quote

"...Suddenly Peter sprang up, shoving Cole hard, and sending him stumbling to the ground." Stay away from me! I don't need your help!" he screamed.

"I'm so sorry," Cole repeated

"You're not sorry for anything!" Peter shouted…"

"I am… " poem

I am Cole Mathews

I am proud and angry

I wonder if Peter will ever fully heal

I hear howling

I see a beast

I want happiness

I am Cole Mathews

I pretend to be brave

I feel fear

I touch the beast

I worry what will happen to me

I cry about the pain I've caused

I am Cole Mathews

I understand that I can never undo what I've done

I say I've changed

I dream about the spirit bear

I try to stay calm

I hope that in the eye of the beholder, I've changed my ways

I am Cole Mathews