Best country singer in America


Johnny Cash was born February 26 1932 in Kingsland Arkansas.

He started playing!!!

While over seas he bought a guitar and started writing and playing songs. In 1955 Johnny Cash made his first recordings at sun, h the songs were hey porter, cry cry cry. Which were released in June and met with success on the country hit parade. In 1968 he released his most popular album in a maximum security prison.


He was joined in the air force 1950 and trained in Texas, he met his first wife Vivian liberto. He made a band and landed a record deal. Vivian liberto was his first wife they were married 1954-1968 they got divorced and married to June carter cash in 1968 she was a dancer actress and a singer they passed away the same year but June passed away before Johnny Cash


Johnny Cash was influenced by gospel and country music. Johnny recorded his own music and wrote his own songs. He wrote songs that will live with america forever.


Johnny Cash had a neurological disorder that slowed him down. 2003 his wife died from heart disease, 4 months later johnny cash passed away, He died September 12 2003 he died of complications of diabetes at the age of 71