Custom Clearance

Customs Clearance Services

Shipping is a tough prospect. There are many checks and balances that need to be fulfilled before shipping can be completed. Importing and exporting to and from the United States has many different challenges, but the biggest problem, of course, is going to be overcoming the rules and regulations that have been set into place by the various customs agencies. Did you know that there are a total of 196 countries in the world? 195 if you don’t count Taiwan, and each of them has their very own sets of rules and regulations when it comes to import and export. While you could try to navigate this maze of requirements on your own, it would take you time, it would take you money, and it would take some trial and error to get it just right. You can trust us when we say you don’t want to deal with it. Instead, why not use Miami custom clearance experts to get you through?

Customs Clearance – A Service you Need

Every package is different, as is each market. There are different rules, regulations, and requirements, and they change all the time. Additionally, you have to take into account the duties and taxes that are charged for each package. Non-compliance with the rules can cost you dearly, and more than just monetarily.

We take this complex process and make it as straightforward and simple as possible. We have the experience, we have the knowledge, and we’re ready to put it to work for you.

Need Special Needs Clearance? We can Help!

We mentioned before that every single shipment is different, and some might have special needs. You, as the customer, are unique, and we understand that your situation might be vastly different from the last, or even the next. What happens when your package needs to deal with additional processing? What if there is a special processing request? These are not questions that you want to find yourself answering on the day you start shipping – you want them answered well beforehand.

Let us be your primary customs clearance service in Miami as we use our wealth of experience and knowledge to ensure that your package is approved at every border whether it’s coming, or going.