Preschool News


All About the Week


Sorry about the lack of pictures this week. Our week was so busy I didn't get a chance to take any pics!!! We were busy making lots of Christmasy Crafts and ornaments for our tree. We continued to learn about our 5 senses. This week we focused on our sense of taste and sense of hearing. We out our taste buds to work on Wednesday with a tasting party. We tried lemon (sour), M&Ms (sweet), Pretzels (salty), and Bakers Chocolate (bitter). The baker's chocolate didn't taste exactly like they thought it would, so we had some pretty shocked faces after trying it. Then Friday we put our hearing to work by guessing different sounds. We met Andy Apple and learned about the letter A. In math we learned about the number 10 and comparing ( more and less).

On Wednesday, we had our fine motor night at the school. We sent home the 3 packets that we gave out that night yesterday. Please consider doing some of these activities with your child. Fine Motor strength if SO SO crucial to skills such as writing!


- Thanks to all who sent in play dough - the kids are loving it!!

- Christmas Gifts need to be sent in by Tues., December 15th, so make sure to pick one up when you are out and about this weekend.

- December 22nd- Christmas Party- We will also be having Polar Express Day this day, so send them in appropriate jammies!!! We will watch the Polar Express and drink hot chocolate in the afternoon :) It's also an early out!

- December 23-January 4th Christmas Break

I think that is it !

Have a great weekend!