VEX Game Design Challenge

Bradley Davis and Clay Morrison

Game Requirements

Scoring Methods: The alliances attempt to score using three different methods. An alliance can earn points by shooting a regular ball into the goal on the opposite side of the field, shooting a bonus ball into the goal on the opposite side of the field, and retaining bonus balls on their side of the field at the end of the match.

Scoring and Field Objects: There are two scoring objects. There are three gold bonus balls and twenty-four purple regular balls. The bonus balls, however, are hard to obtain due to the steep incline of the pyramid on which they are located. Additionally, it is rather difficult to successfully score the balls because of the location of the goals on the on the far ends of the field.

Autonomous Scoring: Each alliance has the chance to shoot regular balls into the goal on the opposite side of the field for the fifteen seconds allotted in the autonomous period. Each successful shot is worth two points. There is no limit to the amount of balls that can be shot by each alliance.

Scoring Calculations: Two points are rewarded for every regular ball successfully shot into the goal on the opposite side of the field. Five points are rewarded for each bonus ball retained by an alliance on their side of the field. This composite score is multiplied by two for every bonus ball successfully shot into the goal on the opposite side of the field.

Physics and Math Principles: The pyramid presents and interesting challenge. The robots must have enough power and friction to climb the steep incline to the top of the pyramid. Therefore, the robots must be designed to conserve as much energy as possible and to have a strong grip on the surface of the pyramid. If the robots fail to meet these requirements, the opposition created by the steep incline and gravity will cause the robot to fall off of the pyramid. Furthermore, the launching mechanism of the robot should have enough power to overcome the large amount of air resistance that is accordant with the long distance between the robots and the goal on the opposite side of the field. Finally, the ball must be shot at a certain angle so that it can it can successfully land in the top of the goal.

Game Rules and Regulations: All balls (both bonus and regular) are neutral. Both the red and blue alliances can freely shoot any ball that they may come across during the course of the game. If a ball fails to score and lands on the side of the opposing alliance, that alliance can shoot the ball or keep it on their side to earn guaranteed points. Of course, balls that successfully land in the goal on the opposing side of the field are not counted as being located on the side of the opposing alliance. Robots can cross freely between each side of the field, and they may take balls from the opposing alliance. However, robots cannot shoot balls into their goal while on the opposite side of the field (as they would be too close to the goal). Pinning is allowed for only five seconds at a time. Five more seconds must be allotted between pinning periods, and one point is deducted for every second that elapses after a robot pins for more than the maximum of five seconds.

Inventor Drawing

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