Susan foster

My Mom, My Hero

My Hero

My mom is my hero. Why is my mom my hero? Because she served our country in the United States of Navy. She married, and raised 7 children, has traveled the world, and retired from the military.

My mom is the fourth of seven children. Her father was in the army and national guard for 30 years. My mother and father both several 20 years. My mom met my dad in the Persian Gulf during Operation Iraqi Freedom. They are both combat veterans.

My mom was raised in the military family. They traveled to military base to military base. My Mom family settled in calumet , Michigan when she was born. She was done in 1993.

She left her small town behind and enter in a whole new life

Lesson my Mom learned

Achieve anything if you work hard enough

In the military she learned to be self-sufficient, a follower, and a leader. She moved up the ranks in the military, started at the bottom and then up to the top. She attended college and her received her degree from Central Texas College along with my dad. She awalys volunteered,herself, and was recognized on many occasions with various letters and awards showcasing her unselfish devoted to duty.

Laurencia foster

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