Math Collage

By: Madelyn Deal


The purpose of this collage is to show all that I've learned in the 2014-2015 school year in math. I will be going through the terms alphabetically. This may or may not be band and youtuber themed... heh.


Decimals are numbers that aren't whole.

Example: 8.25, 5.37, 938,895,383.2

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An exponent is a number to the whatever power, like 2 to the 3rd power is 2^3, otherwise known as 8 because 2x2x2 is 8.

Example: 7^2, 6^3, 2^8

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A fraction is not a whole number, but different than a decimal. It can be converted to a decimal and vice versa. It usually is present when you're dividing stuff like pizza and pie.

Example: 2/5, 7/3, 47/100

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Graphs are a way to showcase certain charts or sometimes surveys.

Example: There are pictographs, histograms, bar graphs, line graphs, and much more

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Greatest Common Factor

Greatest Common Factor (GCF) is when you take a pair of numbers and find their prime factors. Once you do that, you find the ones in common and then multiply them.

Example: The picture

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Inequalities are symbols to show which number out of a pair is greater and lesser. The symbol looks like this "<" or ">". Where the mouth is open is what shows which number is greater.

Example: 6<9, 34>28, 83.52>64.17

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Least Common Multiple

Least Common Multiple (LCM) is when you once again find the prime factors and then multiply the common AND uncommon ones, the ones that don't have a factor besides itself and one.

Example: The picture

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Mean is when you take a set of numbers, add them altogether, and then divide them by the total amount of numbers there are. Otherwise known as average.

Example: 2,4,6,8,10. 10+8+6+4+2=30. 30÷5=6. The mean is 6.

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Measurement Conversion

A measurement conversion is when you do something like 1,000 milliliters is 1 liter. You would just convert them, like milli=1000. So as you would imagine, it equals 1 liter.
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Measure of Volume

Measure of volume is just finding the volume of things. The formula is l times w times h.

Example: 5x5x5=125

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Median is when you take a set of numbers and find the middle number.
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Negative Integers

Negative integers are basically just negative numbers. But integers are just fancier. These are also negative.

Example: -37, -9, -289

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Number Lines

This is where you plot numbers on a line and organize them from negative to positive.
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A percent is like a percentile of a whole number, like 30%.
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Positive Integers

Positive integers are opposite from negative integers. They don't have a negative.

Example: 7,29,634

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Quadrilaterals are shapes that have 4 sides. Yeah that's really it.

Example: Square, Rectangle

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Rate is like the average, but yet not. It shows an amount of numbers and who did what.

Example: Lé Picture

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A ratio is showing what something is to something. Like, part to part or part to whole.

Example: 2 to 7, 6/4.

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Rectangular Prisms

Rectangular prisms are the 3D forms of a rectangle. You can find the volume and surface area of a rectangular prism.

Example: The picture

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Right Triangle

A right triangle is a special type of triangle, it has a 90˚ angle, that's what makes it what it is.

Example: The picture

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Set of Data

A set of data is just a set of numbers, usually taken down for a survey.

Example: The picture

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Statistical Question

A statistical question is a question that can have multiple answers, like how many people at school wear top hats?
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These aren't like the things you have work stuff on, no, these show a data set where it can be like an input and output table, or it can be a table where you see how many whats do or like what. It can also display facts.

Example: The picture

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Unit Rate

Unit rate is basically dividing. Like, 4 feet per second or something like that.

Example: The picture

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