Road Trip Travel Journal

Our Trip Through the Mountains and Basins Region

Motel Pictures and Our Car


Entry 1: Miley's POV

Today has been a rush of packing and arguing. The four of us woke up at six in the morning and finished our packing. As we walked towards the car the arguing started of “No I want the Cool Ranch Doritos!” We all decided that having Hannah drive would be our best chance at getting to El Paso, Texas alive. I ran to the passenger seat before the boys could get there. Jackson and Oliver came out with all of our bags and helped us get them into the trunk. After almost hitting a tree we were on our way to El Paso Texas for an amazing adventure!

The music was blasting as we passed ordinary Odessa sites like the bank and the grocery store. Finally we were getting close to our grandma’s ranch in Allamoore, Texas. Grandma lives in a ranching community you could almost say it’s a ghost town. It’s a good place for her ranch to be, because of all the land it provides. While we are in Allamoore we are going to find out more about it’s history.

After a 164 mile drive past endless grassy fields and old abandon houses we arrived at Grandma’s beautiful ranch house! Jackson and Oliver got the bags from the trunk as Hannah and I grabbed our cooler full of gatorade and diet 7up. We spent $126.848 on gas, but we still have plenty of money for the rest of our journey. Grandma greeted us at the door and we got settled into our rooms.

Here’s a picture of Gran’s house.

Entry 2: Hannah's POV

This morning we woke up bright and early, so we could spend as much time as possible with Gran. Gran is always telling stories of Allamoore and her ranch. We all sat at the kitchen table eating our pancakes (which Gran supplied us with,) when Gran said she would tell us more about her life here. “Well we hardly see anyone besides a couple of neighbors who live miles away. Allamoore was never a popular place, but it really downgraded when all of the sewage from New York was dumped here,” She explained.

She went on to tell us about how she still stuck to living here and boar through the struggle of living in what is practically a ghost town. Later she drove us to Sierra Blanca Mountains where we all hiked together! It was super fun and beautiful! We were able to spend a total amount of zero dollars that day, because we stayed home with Gran and she supplied us with food.

Here is an old schoolhouse in Allamoore, Texas in 1923.

Entry 3: Jackson's POV

Today I woke up at seven AM. I knew everyone would be fighting over the two bathrooms considering we haven’t showered since our departure from Odessa, so I woke up earlier than everyone else. Once everyone was awake we left Allamoore and made our way to El Paso. We stopped by Mcdonalds to get french fries for breakfast and then we stocked up on chips and waters at a local gas station. Finally we made it to El Paso! We found our motel. It isn’t the best, but we need to save money. As soon as we were all settled we drove to the museum of history! We found out that the first European explorer to ever come to El Paso was Spaniard Juan de Onate in 1598. We also found out about a tribe named Jumano were mobile hunters-gatherers who frequently moved great distances. They also lived in a region with rich water,nuts,and buffalo. There is another tribe Tigua who are farmers. They built a mission church as Ysleta. They are also famous for their beautiful pottery.

We spent $88.20 on our motel, food, and gas. The museum was free to tour.

Entry 4: Oliver's POV

Today we woke up bright and early to drive to Guadalupe Mountains National Park to hike the mountains. We are staying at a hotel that is made by the same company as where we stayed El Paso. It was the same price as the one in El Paso.

We arrived at our hotel and unpacked our things. Then we drove to the park. When we arrived we hiked one of the mountains and had an amazing time. Then we drove to our motel in Del City. and ate lunch (chips as usual.) The rest of the night was spent watching movies and reading.

We spent $93.00 on gas, motel, food, and the state park.

Entry 5: Miley's POV

It was our last day of vacation and we had a fun day planned. On our way back to Odessa we are going river rafting on the Pecos River! Brooke drove us there and we all got dressed into our shirts and shorts.

The rafting was amazing, even though we almost fell out of the raft. Luckily the guide helped us to take a safe route through the river. We were all drenched as we got back to the car. The ride back to Odessa was pleasant and safe. It was a favorite trip of mine and I can’t wait to go back.

We spent $264.00 on our last day and $532.56 on the total trip.

Our total costs of everything:
Breakfast- $24

Lunch- $12

Total Food-$48

Motel Room- $114

Entrance Fees and Entertainment- $230

Miles traveled- 514

Number of gallons used- 20.56

Total gas expenses- $78.12

Total expenses- $532.56