By Kyle

Where do wolves live?

Wolves can live all around the world, but they prefer Artic, forest, mountains and dry land. An artic wolf will live in the artic because it has lots of fur. A wolf that doesn't have a lot of fur will live some where warm like dry land, but if a artic wolf lived in some place warm like dry land it will be hot for the wolf. Also wolves live in the forest because there is lots to eat. If wolves live near you, they wont harm you.

What do wolves eat?

Wolves can eat things two times their size. Wolves usualy eat deer, elk, moose, buffaloes, sheep, beavers and hares. Wolves will rip their prey with their very sharp teeth, but before they eat the prey they have to kill the prey. Wolves will run as fast as they can to eat the prey. When wolves hunt, they take down their prey. When it is dead he will eat it. Usualy when wolves hunt they will pick an easy target.When you see legs missing from a deer you know a wolf killed it.

How long do wolves live?

Wolves can live very long. If the wolves live in the wild, they will live very long. Wolves will live up to ten to eighteen years. If wolves live in a zoo they will live up to five to ten years, and if they are taken care of well they will live longer. But if wolves live in a hunting place they will die. They will get shot by a human and die. Artic wolves can fall through ice and freeze to death.

What are interesting facts about wolves?

What things do you know about wolves? Did you know that wolves can dog sled? Wolves can eat up to 20 to 30 pounds of food, but they can't eat too much. When wolves are born they can't see or hear at all. Wolves can be so many colors, they can be red, black and gray.