Awana Leaders Update

January 6, 2016

Welcome Back!

Dear Leaders,

I hope you enjoyed your break from Awana and are ready to continue reaching boys and girls with the gospel of Christ and training them to serve Him. God has given us such a tremendous mission field in our community. Let's take every chance we get to impact for Christ the children who come to Awana each week.

One way to do this it to take the time each week to have a conversation with at least one child that has nothing to do with the routine questions which we normally ask them at Awana. Ask them if they've trusted Christ. Ask them if they have any questions about the Bible or God or Jesus or anything. These kids are waiting for us to have genuine conversation with them. You never know how God could use that conversation in a child's life.

Before our Christmas break, we had our first Awana Family Night on 12/11. Our purpose was to have a night where Awana families could get together and interact with each other and with Awana leaders. It was a spectacular night! We had about 85 people present. There was a great mix of "church" families and "non-church" families. Pray that we will have more opportunity to reach out to these families. Also, I'd like to thank the Bartletts and the Cypherts for organizing this event.


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What's Happening...


  • Tonight is the beginning of our missions month. The lessons each week will focus on the impact of the gospel around the world. Each group will be adopting a missionary family from now until the end of May. The purpose will be to send cards, encourage them, learn about missions, and pray for each other. Perhaps maybe even a Skype call can be set up. See your group director for more information about missions month.
  • Awana Grand Prix (1/29/15) and Float-a-Boat (1/30/15) kits are on sale in the foyer! A reminder note will be sent home tonight.


  • Next week: Second Quarter Ends
  • Two Weeks: Foreign Food Night (each group will bring a food to represent the country their adopted missionaries are from), Josh and Jodie Greve, missionary appointees to Papua New Guinea will be speaking during Large Group Lesson Time