The telephone


who made it and how did it happen?

"Watson! come here I want to talk to you." Those were the first words said on a vocal telegraph also known as the telephone. Alexander bell graham was the inventor telephone. Alexander worked with the deaf or mutes and was teaching them how to speak. He was working with the phonograph, which vibrates the voices and sends them off. Alexander was a Boston professor and he was secretly trying to improve the telegraph. Alexander was going to do this by having reeds send the messages. One day Watson was working with the reeds and bell heard the sound of a plucked reed on the other end of the telephone. He quickly ran or and plucked some more and invented the telephone.

how does it work?

The speaker carried the sounds into the wide end of a funnel, which was attached to a diaphragm that connected to a rod. The rod hung down into a cup of acid water, which was a battery. Voice vibrations caused the rod to go up and down, causing the electricity to resist in the liquid to change. A separate wire attached the cup to a receiver in another room of their workshop, which transmitted this changed current to another diaphragm that translated the vibrations into sound.

pictures of telephone

how has the telephone changed?

the telephone has changed majorly over the years for staying in one place and listening with one part and talking with another to walking around town with a metal and glass rectangle that sends messages out not just with voices.

How a Telephone Works


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