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We are a foreign exchange program located in Iowa City,Iowa. We specialize in trips for students who would like to experience another country and stay with families sponsored by us. We can help you plan your trip and help a student decide what he or she would like to do.

As one of Americas leading Foreign exchange programs we can ensure that your trip is safe and that you enjoy your trip,

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Guatemala (Basic Statistics)

Largest City: Guatemala City

Population:15.47 million

Area (Sq Miles): 829,995

Languages: Spanish

Literacy Rate: 68%

Currency: Guatemalan quetzal (equal to $0.13 USD)

Education: 6 Years (Ages 7 to 13) Mandatory

Climate and Geography

The Guatemalan climate is temperate in the mountain regions and tropical in lowlands. During the wet and rainy season,(May to October) , an average precipitation of 52 inches ,falls annually . The average yearly temperatures range from 68 degrees Fahrenheit in the highlands and 85 in the lowlands.

Portions of Guatamala are covered in rainforests. Extremely damp rainforests and muddy ground.

Culture and Etiquette

  • Etiquette:

- Guatemala is a very polite and peaceful country. One of the most polite countries in Central America. A handshake is the most common way to say hi when you come to Guatemala. There's no special dress code for women in Guatemala. The women usually wear calf length skirts and knee length pants.

- Men rarely wear shorts except when going to the beach. Foreigners can do as they please without offence. However if a woman wears a mans clothes or a guy wears females clothes it isn't too well accepted.

  • Culture

The Guatemalans have adopted much of the Mayan culture. Since the Guatemalans were most born Mayan these traits and ideas of life that the Mayans adopted , the Guatemalans adopted them as well.