The better side of WMS


It is important to join athletics so you can get into shape. Although, you won't be fat, nor will you be skinny if you don't try . Also, you get to be in your favorite sports and meet athletes just like you. There's only one downside: They push you to your limits.

musical theater

It is great to join musical theater so you can learn cordination. In addition to, dancing and singing to great songs we have great teachers. We have one teacher and a teacher that co-owns. These things are great but always remember: be Perfect
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Color guard

Color guard is great because you get to dance and do flag. You can be a regular or all-star dancer or all-star flag. First you get to spin flag to amazing music; then dance to amazing music. Another great thing is costumes. We wear them go contest. There is one bad thing : it's expensive.

student council

If you want to decide things for the school join student council. For one you get to get out of reeding for meetings. Although, you make new friends, you also make big decisions. However, if you decide wrong people might get mad.

Bible study

If you want to get closer to God join bible study . Some good things are that you learn more. You meet new Christians like you. The only thing is you get nervous to open up; just open up