Kelsey Jeffrey P. 3 April 9, 2014

Job Description

The responsibility of an Aquarist is to care for the fish and invertebrates living in the Aquarium. This includes feeding the animals and maintaining their habitat by

cleaning it and keeping it as natural as possible. Planning the daily diets for the all of the animals, treating them for diseases and weekly collecting trips are a few more of the Aquarist duties.

University Options

University of Phoenix :Online, USA

Brown Mackie College:25 locations throughout North America

Florida State University:Tallahassee, Florida

Course Examples

· Animal nutrition

· Microbiology

· Anatomy

· Physiology

· Behavioral biology

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The gear provides oxygen for divers to breath
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Underwater Camera

The camera is used to take picture of the fish and creatures underwater.
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Fish nets

Nets used to catch fish.
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Rigid PVC

Used in the fish tanks.
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Used in fish tanks to filter water.